10 Things I Learned in My First Trimester

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Nothing can prepare you for the realities of holding a positive pregnancy test in your hand. It's a mindfuck guys. For real. It's important to exercise while you're pregnant, but it's even more important to spend that extra hour taking a nap instead. Similarly, it's important to eat healthy while you're pregnant, but it's even more important to eat whatever you can that doesn't make you sick. I'm really lucky to say that I didn't have almost any morning sickness, but there were still days of … [Read more...]

My Millionth Blog

The Ascent Blog has fizzled out, and it just felt time to start in a new head (and web) space. With grad school underway, in the past year CrossFit has moved out of the spotlight a bit, and that's ok. My life no longer revolves around CrossFit, even though I am still coaching a few days a week and getting in the gym as much as I can (which, admittedly, is not very much). Not to mention I am still podcasting (and loving it), and it just feels like once the podcast is said and done each week, what … [Read more...]