Nursery Inspiration

We are getting ready to move next week (and if you just read that and thought, “Really? You’re moving in a week? Shouldn’t you be packing?” the answer is Yes. But shh.), and that means pretty soon I will get to actually start putting together a nursery for this little guy! Over the past few weeks, I have started to appreciate the importance and realness of a “nesting” instinct, which I previously thought was probably just a marketing ploy. But I can really see how getting a space ready for a new baby is part of the bigger process of preparing your life for the changes that are coming, and I am definitely ready to feel a little more prepared, even if that feeling is just an illusion!

We are moving to a cute little apartment in Golden, but we are still only going to have one bedroom, which means that Baby Koch will be spending his first year in a walk-in closet. Where our clothes will live is a mystery that has yet to be solved, but we’ve spent the past 2 years living basically without a closet, so I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

In preparation for the move and for starting to design a tiny nursery, I have been pinning like crazy (in case you haven’t noticed, I have a major Pinterest problem).



Fifteen weeks to go until this little man shows up… pretty excited to get going on the tiny nursery project!


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