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The Ascent Blog has fizzled out, and it just felt time to start in a new head (and web) space. With grad school underway, in the past year CrossFit has moved out of the spotlight a bit, and that’s ok. My life no longer revolves around CrossFit, even though I am still coaching a few days a week and getting in the gym as much as I can (which, admittedly, is not very much). Not to mention I am still podcasting (and loving it), and it just feels like once the podcast is said and done each week, what else is there really to talk about when it comes to CrossFit? Not a whole lot, is the answer.

So here we are. Since starting my first blog at 14 years old (geocities what-what!), this will be the… 5th? 6th? domain where I have hung my hat. Revving up a new website is my version of cleaning out my closet or buying a new journal; something about the process just makes me feel like I’m turning over a new chapter in my life. And this chapter coming up will include finishing my Masters degree, moving into an apartment or house that doesn’t have a mouse infestation, getting a new job, and–oh yeah!–growing and raising a tiny human. How crazy is that!

This blog promises to be full of ramblings about Colorado, newlywed hacks, grad school woes, ranting and raving about being pregnant and how weird/gross/amazing it is, and how #thesesweatpantsareallthatfitsmerightnow. I’ll probably post a recipe every once in a while and maybe even an outfit or a craft. And I might even talk about CrossFit, too. Wouldn’t that be exciting.

So here we are. Welcome and welcome back.


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    Hey I have followed your blog for sometime! I used to do some of your WOD posts on the Ascent Blog! Congrats Mama to be, it is the best thing that will ever happen to you! *adds millionth blog to wordpress feed*

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