Month 7: Favorite Baby Stuff

A quick update on our favorite baby crap from the 6 long months since I last wrote about this topic! Most of the stuff is actually the same as what we were loving in Month One, or an updated version used for bigger babies.

  1. Then: Summer Infant By Your Side Co-Sleeper
    Now: Graco Pack ‘n Play
    We live in a 1-bedroom apartment, so Miles sleeps in our room. For the first few weeks of his life he used the co-sleeper in our bed, and we eventually transitioned him into a really adorable but very expensive mini crib that I opted for because I thought that Pack ‘n Plays looked cheap. And guess what. He grew out of the mini crib by the time he was 5 months old. So we bought a Pack ‘n Play and it is the best. He sleeps in it every night and we can bring it with us if we are spending the night (or will be spending multiple nap times) away from the house.
  2. Then: Carter’s plain white onesies with foldover mitts
    Now: Literally any onesie we can find that doesn’t smell like pee
    We aren’t picky in the clothing department, and we are very lucky that about 95% of Miles’ wardrobe is hand-me-downs from generous friends and family members. I still prefer Carter’s to other brands because Miles is still a tall, skinny baby, and Carter’s stuff is a little slimmer fitting as far as baby clothes go. But today he started the day in a blue plaid Baby Gap romper and ended it in a Batman onesie, so y’know.
  3. Then: HALO Sleep Sack Swaddles
    Now: Aden + Anais Sleeping Bag
    Miles outgrew the HALO sacks, but we used them to the bitter end because they were so versatile and amazing. Now we use aden + anais sleep sacks, mostly because we have a few hand-me-downs and also because they are a little bit lighter weight.
  4. Then: Wubbanub
    Now: Wubbanub!
    Still adorable. Still genius. Still our most indispensable baby item.
  5. Then: Boudreaux Diaper Cream
    Now: Same. Although Miles doesn’t get diaper rash too often, so we don’t use it too much.
  6. Then: Tubby Todd Bubble Bath & Lotion
    Now: Same. Still in love with these products! They smell so good and are great for sensitive baby skin.
  7. Then: Solly Baby Wrap
    Now: ErgoBaby 360 Carrier and Burley Stroller
    Oh, how I loved my Solly Wrap. But once Miles got old enough to hold his head up, I wanted something with a little more stability for him and a little more support for me. We opted for the Ergo 360 design because Miles is a curious little man and loves facing forward. We aren’t using this too much right now because it’s too hot to wear him most days, but it’s still a favorite. We also recently purchased a Burley stroller from REI (thanks in large part to a huge REI dividend), and we are loving it. It’s probably the most expensive non-designer stroller out there, but, like I said, REI dividend… Plus, we actually do take it on (well-established, wide) trails, and it’s so durable and wonderful.
  8. Then: White Noise Machine
    Now: Air purifier that makes white noise anyway
    We started using an air purifier when allergy season rolled around, and have kept using it because it makes a pleasant white noise. White noise is really the one non-negotiable for Miles when he sleeps, and when we are out and about and need to put him down somewhere that isn’t our house, we will just find a white noise track on Spotify and play it on our phones.
  9. Then: Chux Pads
    Now: Skip Hop Baby Changing Station
    Luckily we don’t need to cover our entire house in absorbent, disposable pads anymore. But we do still use the Skip Hop Baby Changing Station thingie for public diaper changes. It’s super convenient and at least makes me feel like I have a little control over the surfaces that Miles touches while I’m changing him.

    New additions:

  10. Matimati Baby Drool Bibs
    Miles is a drooler. Just so much drool, all the time. We have literally at least 20 of these Matimati bibs, which come in packs of 4 in all different patterns, and are available on Amazon Prime. Done and done.
  11. Dr. Brown’s Bottles and Earth’s Best “Sensitivity” Formula
    We weaned Miles at 6 months, and have been using Earth’s Best “Sensitivity” formula, which he loves. We tried using Honest formula, but it clogged up his system, but the low-lactose version that we’re using now seems to have fixed that problem. The Dr. Brown’s bottles are also pretty great.
  12. Baby Einstein Activity Chair
    We got this as a hand-me-down and Miles spends at least an hour in it every day. He loves that thing and it’s nice to be able to put him down somewhere where he’s entertained and I don’t have to worry about him sidewinding himself towards the back door or something (because his movement pattern these days can’t really qualify as a crawl quite yet). And they all are going to play irritating electronic songs, so at least this one plays the 1812 Overture instead of Old MacDonald.
  13. Taggie blanket, Sophie the Giraffe, and freezable teether toys
    When I wrote out my list when Miles was a month old, he wasn’t really playing with toys yet. Now we have a bunch of random baby toys, and his favorites are anything with tags, things that make a crinkly noise, and things that are made for chewing (he already has 3 teeth!).


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