Business Casual Inspiration


The beauty of Pinterest is that mentally, it's kind of the same thing as shopping, except it's free... and I can pin non-maternity clothes to my heart's content without having to change out of my daily uniform of spandex and baggy workout tanks. Which is pretty great. When I finished grad school last month, I thought it would be a welcome break to have a couple of months of downtime before my due date, but instead I have been struggling to stay motivated and end up feeling pretty lazy a … [Read more...]

A Long Rant About Style


I have never been very good at dressing myself. Let's just put that out there. For as long as I've been able to dress myself, I've pretty much just worn jeans or leggings and t-shirts and called it a day. When I was 3 my favorite t-shirt was pink with a sparkly graphic of The Little Mermaid and I wore elastic-waist acid wash jeans. In high school and college I wore a lot of American Eagle jeans and American Apparel t-shirts. And these days, the t-shirt in question is usually a solid color, and … [Read more...]