The High School Graduation Speech I Wish I’d Given

I graduated from high school nine whole years ago, which both seems like a really long time and no time at all. I was the VP of my senior class, and as such, gave the opening speech at my high school graduation ceremony. I don't remember much of what I said, but I'm sure I congratulated everyone in my high school class for being amazing and having accomplished so much already and of-course-you-will-go-on-to-do-great-things because what other option is there when you're 18 years old? This past … [Read more...]

My Millionth Blog

The Ascent Blog has fizzled out, and it just felt time to start in a new head (and web) space. With grad school underway, in the past year CrossFit has┬ámoved out of the spotlight a bit, and that's ok. My life no longer revolves around CrossFit, even though I am still coaching a few days a week and getting in the gym as much as I can (which, admittedly, is not very much). Not to mention I am still podcasting (and loving it), and it just feels like once the podcast is said and done each week, what … [Read more...]