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The beauty of Pinterest is that mentally, it’s kind of the same thing as shopping, except it’s free… and I can pin non-maternity clothes to my heart’s content without having to change out of my daily uniform of spandex and baggy workout tanks. Which is pretty great.

When I finished grad school last month, I thought it would be a welcome break to have a couple of months of downtime before my due date, but instead I have been struggling to stay motivated and end up feeling pretty lazy a lot of the time.

And although spending time on Pinterest is not exactly an active pursuit, I’ve found that looking at inspiration for a future work wardrobe is a way for me to feel like I’m planning for life beyond pregnancy–even though I don’t really know what that will hold.

As always, lots more can be found on my Pinterest page.



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    Funny how that works? I feel like when I got my full-time job, I’d have all this “time” but it doesn’t always feel like that. Or it might be that when I could be motivated doing stuff…I’m reading blogs and watching UK vloggers. Win some, lose some I guess.

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    Sorry all – really don’t want to appear dim YET again but the clocks changing foc/ardswbarkwards in Spring/Autumn is more than enough to throw me into a state of total confusion for several days! Let’s not complicate things still further!!

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    Gueeeeeyyy gente yo tenia pal de ustedes parece que me borraron…Agreguenme a Marcoflow vamo a vicia 24/7 Tengo COD BlackOps, MW1 y 2 , Battlefield BC2, y pila de juegos mas como antes dije juego Pirateao shhhhhhh XD nah tengo desde el 2008 con Dios ayudandome ya saben!!Tambien pasenme su Gtag pa yo agregarlos! casi todos los dias On!!! 1042

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