Month 7: Favorite Baby Stuff

A quick update on our favorite baby crap from the 6 long months since I last wrote about this topic! Most of the stuff is actually the same as what we were loving in Month One, or an updated version used for bigger babies. Then: Summer Infant By Your Side Co-Sleeper Now: Graco Pack 'n Play We live in a 1-bedroom apartment, so Miles sleeps in our room. For the first few weeks of his life he used the co-sleeper in our bed, and we eventually transitioned him into a really adorable but very … [Read more...]

Six Months Later

A stomach bug made its way through our family this week. Apparently it's going around. Let's just say that I was given a firsthand lesson in the difference between spit-up and vomit, and it was memorable. But something happened while I was sitting on the bathroom floor with a sick, whimpering baby, rocking him as he threw up all over me, with tears in my eyes wishing there was more I could do. For the first time, I really truly felt like a Capital-M Mom. Ok, let me back up. Remember in … [Read more...]

Month 1: Favorite Baby Stuff

It's true what they say: newborns don't really need that much crap. Just somewhere to sleep, something to wear, and a few things to help keep them clean. Our tiny newborn days will be over before we know it, but here are the top things that we've loved to use (and a few comments about what we haven't used but thought we would) for the first few weeks of parenthood. Summer Infant By Your Side Co-Sleeper This is a collapsible co-sleeper that goes in your bed, so that Miles could sleep between … [Read more...]

The First Weeks

Miles is 5 weeks old today. Let's just let that sink in for a second. Objectively speaking, things are going well. Miles is a champion eater, which is no surprise to anyone who knows Brandon. He is also a decent sleeper, which is no surprise to anyone who knows me. We have had amazing support from our friends and family, and I am so grateful every day for everyone who has brought us food, come over to hold Miles while I shower or just zone out on the couch for a few minutes, or even just sent … [Read more...]

10 Things I Learned in My 3rd Trimester

Well here I am 2 weeks postpartum, and still feeling like I am living in an alternate universe where rules like the passage of time and the presence of order don't have any bearing whatsoever. But here we are. No longer pregnant, but thinking back to the nights of having to pry myself out of bed ten times just to go pee; to waking up at 4am on the dot to little (and not-so-little) baby kicks; to honking the horn with my belly when I got in and out of the car. My third trimester was … [Read more...]